20/12/2016. Madrid

Monomer Tech, S.L. is a company specialised in developing, manufacturing and commercialising packaging products for perfumery and cosmetics. Its principles and commitments are exposed below:

  • Monomer Tech, S.L. is committed to comply with the existing laws and requirements established with its clients and other parties involved
  • The company’s business activities will be based on the fundamental value of integrity and will be developed according to the principles of honesty, avoidance of any kind of corruption and respect towards the circumstances and particular necessities of all subjects involved in them
  • Monomer Tech, S.L. assumes the responsibility of maintaining a work environment free of any form of discrimination and harassment
  • The company’s business activities will be managed by processes, establishing ambitious objectives for the key processes that will be assessed and updated on annual basis
  • Monomer Tech, S.L. is committed to establish appropriate systems in order to manage resources in an efficient way and prevent pollution.
  • Monomer Tech, S.L. will follow a method of continuous improvement to approach better ways to manage and execute business activities, and hence improve the company’s efficiency

These principles will be communicated and followed by all the personnel. In addition, this policy will be revised periodically in order to ensure its adaptation to further development and evolution of the company.

Signed, David Amenós – Managing DirectorMonomer Tech, S.L.

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